With access to more than 230 lending institutions, including big banks, credit unions and trust companies, our licensed team of mortgage professionals is familiar with a vast array of available mortgage products – ranging from first-time homebuyer programs to financing for the self-employed to financing for those with credit blemishes. 我们代理230家贷款机构,包括银行、信用社和信托公司。我们的贷款专家都是持牌的专业人士,对海量的贷款产品十分熟悉,无论针对第一次购房、自雇人士按揭、还是信用分值有瑕疵,我们都有相应的机构提供相应的产品。

And, best of all, Dominion Lending Centres’ mortgage professionals work for you – not the lenders – to ensure you receive the best rates and products available in today’s marketplace. Whether you’re looking to purchase your very first home or upgrade to a new home, renew your existing mortgage, refinance your mortgage to free up some equity, purchase investment properties or vacation homes, or lease business-related equipment, Dominion Lending Centres has a variety of products available to meet your unique needs. Our mortgage professionals are experts in their field and many are ranked among the best nationally. Launched in January 2006, we were named Best Newcomer (Mortgage Brokerage Firm) at the prestigious CMP Canadian Mortgage Awards 2008 – the Oscars of the mortgage brokering industry. At the 2009 CMAs, we received the Best Branding Award, and again in 2010, with the addition of the prestigious title of Mortgage Brokerage of the Year and Best Advertising. At the 2011 Awards, we again walked award with Best Advertising, and in 2012 we were honoured with: National Broker Network of the Year; Best Advertising; and Best Branding. Dominion Lending Centres is also honoured to be ranked 32nd on the 2012 annual PROFIT 200 ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies by PROFIT Magazine. Ranking Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies by five-year revenue growth, the PROFIT 200 profiles the country’s most successful growth companies. PROFIT 200 is Canada’s largest annual celebration of entrepreneurial achievement. In both 2009 and 2010, Dominion Lending Centres also earned spots on the PROFIT HOT 50 List of Canadian Emerging Growth Companies. The PROFIT HOT 50 ranks the top 50 young businesses in Canada by two-year revenue growth. Dominion Lending Centres’ mortgage professionals are available anytime, anywhere, evenings and weekends – and we’ll even come to you! 我们是代表您—我们的委托人工作,而不是代表银行。我们会确保为您找到最好价格和条件的产品。针对首次购房、房屋升级、贷款展期、再融资、投资房、度假房或机器设备融资,DLC可以为您在市场海量的产品中找到合适您的最佳方案。我们的经纪都是该领域的专家,很多在全国名列前茅。 自2006年成立以来, 我们获奖无数 —

2008年, 房贷经纪领域有奥斯卡之称的加拿大CMP 的“最佳新经纪机构奖”;


2010年,获得加拿大CMP 的“年度最佳品牌奖”, “年度最佳房贷经纪公司”,“年度最佳广告奖”;

2011年, 获得“年度最佳广告奖”;

2012年, 斩获 “年度全国经纪网络奖”,“年度最佳广告奖”,“年度最佳品牌奖”。

2012年, 凭借强劲的盈利能力,DLC在PROFIT Magazine的“利润200排名中”位列32。加拿大的企业都以可以登上“利润200排行榜”为荣。Dominion Lending Centres 所有的贷款专家随时随地恭候您!